Pixar and the Uncanny Valley

In addition to their focus on a well-told story over a star-studded, a-list cast, an article in the New York Times, A Part-Human, Part-Cartoon Species, illustrates why Pixar’s latest film, The Incredibles, aesthetically rises above the rest of Hollywood’s 3D animated fare.
The article discusses director Brad Bird’s dedication to refining the look and movement of the movie’s characters to be, ultimately, cartoonish in nature. One of the reasons I don’t like Shrek is that the human characters have no, well, character to them. They look too human, and not like cartoons at all, and so have a stiff, “dead doll” quality to them. The same goes for the human characters in the Toy Story movies.
RobotJohnny.com: Pixar and the Uncanny Valley

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