Spam Scam Lands ‘Em in the Can

Computer-using Schadenfreudists rejoice! Today is your day.
Jeremy Jaynes of Raleigh, N.C., one of the Internet’s top 10 spammers, according to watchdogs, was convicted in the first felony spam case — just up the road from Fool HQ in Loudoun County, Va. He and his sister, Jessica DeGroot, were both found guilty by a jury that then recommended a jail term of nine years for Jaynes and a fine of $7,500 for DeGroot.
What’s important here is the nature of the convictions: intentional spamming. Jaynes and DeGroot were convicted not for the alleged fraudulent nature of their millions of email solicitations — Jaynes has amassed a reported fortune of $24 million hawking products like penny-stock pickers — but for sending unsolicited junk and forging IP addresses to cover their tracks. Spam Scam Lands ‘Em in the Can [Motley Fool Take] November 5, 2004

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