World: Mixed Reviews For Bush

European leaders urged President Bush to work closely with America’s allies on issues like terrorism and the environment in his second term, while critics of the president worried re-election would embolden him to pursue conservative policies more aggressively than ever.
Many European newspapers greeted the president’s triumph with dismay.
“Oops �€” they did it again,” Germany’s left-leaning Tageszeitung newspaper said in a front-page English headline.
“How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?” Britain’s liberal Daily Mirror tabloid asked. “March of the Moral Majority,” said the front page of the Daily Mail, above a photo of Mr. Bush with his wife and daughters.
In a strongly worded editorial the Daily Mirror said, “America has chosen a menacingly immature buffoon who likened the pursuit of the 9/11 terrorists to a Wild West, Wanted Dead or Alive man-hunt and, during the Afghanistan war, kept a baseball scorecard in his drawer, notching up hits when news came through of enemy deaths.”
In Spain, the conservative Spanish newspaper El Mundo, which vehemently opposed the Iraq war, printed a cartoon showing Osama bin Laden holding up Mr. Bush’s arm in triumph.
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