Canadian iPod ‘tax’ not legal

Mp3 players may soon cost less in Canada following a Federal Court of Appeal ruling that copyright levies on digital music players aren’t legal.
Exactly a year ago, the Copyright Board of Canada froze private copying levies on recording devices and at the same time, hiked non-removable memory (such as in Apple’s iPod) by $2 per device for up to one gig of memory, $15 for 1-10 and $25 over 10.
Now, the Court has ruled that the board, “properly held that the the zero-rating program has no statutory underpinning and that, accordingly, its impact ought not to be recognized in setting the levy,” says a source, going on:
“The court decided the board couldn’t impose a levy on memory in a device such as an iPod, and set aside the board’s tariff in this respect. Put another way, once incorporated into a device, a recording medium becomes part of the device.” – the original daily p2p and digital media news site

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