James Cameron Talks Battle Angel

To say that James Cameron is an avid fan of 3-D technology might be an understatement. The venerable director / producer / screenwriter / explorer has now directed three films that utilize the cutting edge of 3-D (or what Cameron refers to as “Stereo”) cinematic technology. In fact, Cameron is perhaps the one director who is helping to spearhead revolutions in the field.
Cameron first tinkered with 3-D on T2 3-D: Battle Across Time, the film/ride he created for Universal Studios theme parks. His two most recent projects, 2003’s Ghosts of the Abyss and the forthcoming Aliens of the Deep, both took advantage of the improvements in 3-D or Stereo technology. But there’s still a ways to go and Cameron is leading the charge. After having spent the past several years on the aforementioned IMAX documentaries, Cameron is jumping back into the feature film world with Battle Angel. While not much is being leaked about the film, it will feature the latest Stereo imaging, according to Cameron.
FilmForce: James Cameron Talks Battle Angel