Look, up in the sky!

Faster than a T1. More powerful than a beowulf cluster. Able to send packets in a single, uh, something…. Anyhoo.
HUZZAH! My DSL was upgraded to 3Mb/s, and all I had to do was buy a lousy modem that supports it. Better yet, just steal borrow one from an unsuspecting patsy a friend. This person from work just got DSL from a large canadian telco (rhymes with flimpatico), and he bought a 3Mb DSL modem to try it out. However it wasn’t working for him and I decided to help him out by testing it at my place.
So check out these numbers, baby. Man is this thing speedy. I may have to just ask this guy to go buy a new one cause I “lost” his on the way home. I especially like the summary on this page. “Subjective Rating = Great

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