You’ve got spam! US tops the list

The United States is still the country where the most number of spams originate, almost 42 per cent, says a report by security solutions company Sophos.
Researchers at Sophos scanned all spam messages received at its global network of “honeypots” — a system developed by network security firms to track illegal activities on the Internet – throughout 2004. The top of the list was the United States, which was responsible for exporting 42.11 per cent of all spam.
South Korea followed with 13.43 per cent of spam originations, China with 8.44, Canada with 5.71, Brazil with 3.34, Japan with 2.57 and France with 1.37 percent. Other counties in the top twelve were Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan and Mexico.You’ve got spam! US tops the list

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