House of flying pagers

Got to finally see “House of Flying Daggers” last night. Very pretty movie, but typical Chinese epoch film. Sad, romantic lots of flying around and clanging of swords. Actually it was quite fantastic, and aside from my legs going numb from the coldness at the Princess Twin, it was a great time.
I was stuck answering inane questions from this one customer all weekend long. I was trying to answer his questions over Blackberry — answering tech support equivalents to “where are my shoes?” and “what’s this thing on my face?”. Respectively, my answers were tech support equivalents to “I don’t know, check the last place you remember seeing your shoes,” and “that’s your nose — you use it to smell things.”
I’ve been thinking it’s time for a raise, but after coming into the office today and seeing all the other people (mostly Dev and QA people) working their weekend away, I’m beginning to think I actually *don’t* need a raise. Sure they may be getting paid more than I do, but if I need to habitually work weekends for another 10k a year, maybe I’m OK with what I’m currently making.
Just the same, I’m going to make some strong suggestions at my next salary review.