Iraq WMD search ended

The search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ended last month, but the analysis of documents seized in the hunt continues, U.S. officials have said.
Charles Duelfer, the CIA special adviser who led the investigation, has returned home and is expected next month to issue a final addendum to his September report that concluded pre-war Iraq had no WMD stockpiles, officials said.
Asked if Duelfer’s Iraq Survey Group, or ISG, had stopped actively searching for WMD, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said: “That’s my understanding.” He added, “A lot of their mission is focused elsewhere now.”
The Washington Post newspaper on Wednesday quoted ISG officials saying the violence in Iraq coupled with a lack of new information led them to fold up the effort shortly before Christmas — nearly two years after President George W. Bush invaded the country, accusing it of a secret weapons program.
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