Vietnam II

The 1,700-strong Iraq Survey Group (ISG), responsible for the hunt for weapons of mass destruction whose existence was the justification for the invasion and military occupation of Iraq, wrapped things up and called it quits yesterday. The CIA-affiliated group will now concentrate on extracting information from Iraqis to help the US win the war in Iraq. One felt almost tempted to joke if the Americans had looked up Saddam Hussein’s backside for WMD until one realized that the Americans had in fact done that with quite a lot of other Iraqis, as the photos from Abu Ghraib show with disgustingly hirsute detail.
“I felt like we would find weapons of mass destruction . . . like many . . . many here in the United States . . . many around the world,” Bush told ABC’s Barbara Walters, according to excerpts from an interview airing on Friday in which he failed to be clear whether he meant that many in the world were as misinformed as he was about the existence of WMD in Iraq or that there �€œlike many . . . many “weapons of mass destruction even in the US, not to mention �€œaround the world.”

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