Site for sore eyes

Just touching up my site a bit. Cleaning out the garbage, rearranging the gifs and pngs, etc. I embedded a new rss feed into my radio site since it turns out the EFF actually has syndicated their news a little bit. System still looks a little thrown-together from the outside, but when I win the lottery, this will be the seventh thing I take care of.
Last night was kind of fun. Had some friends over for lasagna and martinis. Did a little of “that stuff we were going to take care of” and talked for a while. Pretty subdued night overall. Today, R and C (of C+J fame) are up in Toronto looking for frocks or something. That gives me nothing to do but all the cewl stuff I normally can’t do in a relationship… of course, right now I can’t think of anything to do. Think I’ll head out to the coffee shop or the Future Shop (remember the good old days when you could also go to the Pop Shoppe?).

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