Training mishaps

Got a bit of a break from training since we’ve got actual developers in-house, fielding questions from customers. There is some pretty good info at this one today, as we are discussing how to make “hacker-proof” your FreeBSD or Linux servers. The first point in the training is that there is no such thing, unless you want to lock away your servers, turn them off, and unplug them from the network. The customers were quite impressed at the accuracy and detail of the discussion — also that for many of the things we pointed out, they have already done them.
This morning, the worst possible thing happened that could happen during a training session — my laptop crashed before I could get started. Luckily, instead of panicking, I grabbed a laptop from a co-worker who was attending the training, and restored much of my data from a cd. Later, at the lunch break, I was able to coerce my laptop into starting up properly and was able to continue the training for the rest of my session.

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