Quebec’s quarrel isn’t with Canada

Canadians are suddenly fretting about the spectre of Quebec separatism, 10 years after Quebecers very nearly voted to split this country. A startling poll by L�ger Marketing this week found an absolute majority of Quebecers, 54 per cent, claim to favour separation. Another public opinion survey by the CROP polling firm, put it at 47 per cent.
Either way, federalists have reason for concern.
The polls confirm the damage done by Prime Minister Paul Martin’s scandal-tainted Liberal party through the sponsorship scandal. While most Canadians are disgusted, Quebecers are especially resentful. The Jean Chr�tien government spent $250 million to wave Canadian flags in their faces while well-connected federal Liberals dipped into the ad budget to line their own pockets and the party’s coffers. – EDITORIAL: Quebec’s quarrel isn’t with Canada