Tom Cruise Slams Anesthesia as Pseudo-Science

Just days after calling psychiatry a fraud, Hollywood superstar and Church of Scientology devotee Tom Cruise is now declaring war on another sacred cow of the medical world. In an exclusive interview on Access Hollywood, the star of the upcoming surefire blockbuster “War of the Worlds” blasted the use of anesthesia, labeling the sedation of patients during painful, life-threatening surgeries as “dangerous pseudo-scientific drug abuse.”
“I’m ready to tackle the myths about anesthesia head on,” Cruise told Access Hollywood. “People say anesthesia is safe. They’re being drugged up and put in a virtual coma, even for hours at a time. That is just irresponsible and crazy.”
And the movie hunk also shared some of his own personal experiences with ultra-orthodox physicians bent on sedating patients during excruciatingly painful procedures.
The Spoof – Tom Cruise Slams Anesthesia as Pseudo-Science

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