Urban Legend: The BBC reported an outbreak of “zombism” in a Cambodian town.

Status: False.
Despite its April 1 date, and its non-appearance on a real news site, a spoof article about an outbreak of “zombism” spread through the bites of infected mosquitoes in Cambodia so successfully imitated the style of the BBC’s web site that it continues to be circulated by readers wondering about its authenticity. (The page’s HTML code reveals that it was creating by modifying a real BBC article about Syrian troops withdrawing from Lebanon, which is why most of the ancillary links in the spoof page’s sidebar refer to Syria and Lebanon even though the ‘Zombies’ article mentions neither of those countries.)
The article is just an April Fools’ joke, and the picture of the “canine sacrificed by locals to ward off evil spirits” is a cropped version of an art exhibit photograph created years before the 1 April 2005 date of the putative “zombie” news story.
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Humor (Let It Zombie)

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