Another psychic fails to win the JREF prize

Angela contacted the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) in an attempt to win their $1,000,000 prize. To become a claimant for the prize, an applicant must first pass a preliminary test that shows whether they have the capability to succeed under stringent conditions. Since Angela lives in the United Kingdom, the JREF asked Tony Youens to organize a test.
Prior to taking the test she seemed very confident and she said she was amazed that no-one had previously won the prize — she seemed to believe that there is a large group of genuine psychics in the world who can win the prize at any time of their choosing. After the test, I suggested that no-one had won the test because paranormal powers aren’t real. She did not believe that suggestion and reiterated her idea that James Randi is a very powerful psychic.
Commentary, June 3, 2005, A Preliminary Test for the JREF Prize Is Completed

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