So, I’ve determined there are some problems with using the Blackberry to blog. No, I’m not currently blogging from it. I was using it earlier at 1842, while drinking an espresso. Unfortunately, I accidentally hit the back button (which is conveniently a Function+Del key combination), and I lost the three paragraphs I typed. Also, apparently, the scripts in my Movable Type don’t seem to work on the Blackberry browser, or it doesn’t support auto-reload of pages, which is required (apparently) to post and publish an entry. I can set the entry to “publish” later, from a different machine, but not from a Blackberry.
I’m currently looking into ways of getting around this problem, possibly by configuring a post-by-email option, or a simple submission form that supports WAP browsers. There may also be something in the MT forums, or possibly some kind of plug-in. I’ve just been too lazy to get out there and solve the problem.

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