Mr. and Mrs. Power Outage

Had to hand the AirCard back to work, so I’m not able to blog from away very well. I’m sitting in my basement, working on my webserver that crashed last night when we lost power in the thunderstorm. Apparently, lightning struck a tree two blocks down and it pulled a bunch of wires with it. Serves me right for not losing power during the last big blackout.
I’ve got to get a new UPS for my system. Right now, I’ve got an APC BackUPS ES — sort of a powerbar with lead/acid batteries in it, problem is, it won’t run both my micro-ATX server and a monitor, so I can’t shut the thing down manually. I may be able to find some drivers for the serial control on it, but my main point is that I *should* be able to shut it down manually if I want. When I get the new rack together, I’ll be able to close everything up inside it and get a real UPS for whatever I’m going to put in it (I’m also looking at getting a real server, something with rails).
Since the house was dark last night, we decided to go see “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” which, thankfully, wasn’t another “Gigli”. It was, however, a strange hybrid chick flick/action comedy. R apologized for bringing me to a “couples movie,” but I had no problem with it. It was definitely a combination of “War of the Roses” and “True Lies”. Strangely, I didn’t find any real sexuality in this film (luckily I don’t equate violence with intimacy), and — is this just me, or is Angelina Jolie just not very sexy? I mean she was wearing a dominatrix outfit at one point in the film, and I’m thinking “Man, what a cool outfit, bet it would look sexy on anyone but Angelina Jolie.” OK, I wasn’t really thinking that, but it was at the back of my head somewhere. Anyway, good film. Lots of violence. Some good jokes. A comedy of errors.

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