Urban Legend: Farmer carves a message in his grain field

Status: True.
Aficionados of crop circles may continue to debate whether those phenomena are earthly or extraterrestrial in origin, the result of human activity or natural forces, and carry meanings or are purely random, but there’s no mystery about the creator, intent, or meaning of the crop field message shown above.
In November 2004, a 46-year-old, third-generation North Dakota farmer named Curtis Wiesz was poring over some of his great uncle’s records from 1946, and he discovered that corn sold for $1.45 a bushel that year �€” the very same price his corn crop had fetched in 2004. Frustrated by this seeming lack of economic progress, Wiesz decided to make a point about it by hopping on his tractor and carving a giant message in his 160-acre harvested barley field.
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