Bloke Back from England

Friend Toxin just got back from the U.K. On the weekend and he’s been staying with me until he moves on to other points west and south. Some would say he got away just in time, what with this morning’s terrorist attacks in London. Apparently he was also in NY just a week before the 9/11 attacks. I worry about whatever city he’s eventually headed for.
He did bring some nice things with him; among the stash was the usual bag of unusual potato crisps — this time, a sweet Thai chili and coriander flavour. It tastes just like the BBQ flavour you’d get here.
Also among the stash was a bottle of French absinthe, and last night we each had an absinthe cocktail (or whatever you’d call absinthe and water over ice). I didn’t put any sugar in, like you’d see in the movies, but I didn’t have a fancy slotted spoon like in the movies. Yikes, not exactly a drink of choice, but I can see how it would be kind of refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. I think I’ll put it on my list of things to learn to like. Also on the list are Bread and Butter pickles and Adam Sandler. Actually, no, Adam Sandler’s not on the list.
Also in the pile of loot was a “Bat Boy: the Musical” T-shirt. Now. *that’s* a find.