Catholic women unofficially ordained

Not that I think the world needs more Catholic priests, but, this is pretty cewl. Only in Canada, eh? Pity.
CBC News: Catholic women unofficially ordained
Nine women are referring to themselves as ordained priests and deacons in the Roman Catholic Church, risking excommunication after a secret religious ceremony on a boat in the St. Lawrence River.
The women — eight Americans and a Canadian, 65-year-old Michele Birch-Conery, a former nun from Vancouver Island — were unofficially ordained Monday aboard a tour boat in the Thousand Islands near Gananoque, Ont.
Church members from as far away as Europe and South Africa were involved in the ceremony, packing the Thousand Island III with more than 250 people.
Four of the women became “priests” and five became “deacons,” although the Vatican doesn’t recognize such ordinations and could kick them out of the church.

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