Music Review: Norihiko Hibino

OK, it’s not much of a review, but it’s one of the only really neat unsolicited submissions that these MusicSUBMIT geeks sent me so far. The music is really very polished (so is his website), and the first track available (“Against This World”) is reminiscent of Propeller Heads or any other band that mixes James Bond themes with a heavy urban Rap/HipHop sound. The second track, “Survive Now,” reminds me of something done by Rob Dougan (or “Rob D” — you may remember him from the Matrix/Nissan Maxima soundtrack). Subsequent tracks follow, and they’re mostly unremarkable, but are a mix of jazz, techno, and 70’s-style disco. Sounds like he’s trying to find his groove.
Description: Norihiko Hibino, also known as the composer for Metal Gear Solid 3, is especially known as the creator of an award winning, James Bondish main theme “Snake Eater”. His music is a combination of techno & jazz, with hollywood action movie taste — dubbed “Metallized Symphonic Jazz”. His first major label CD “Akashi” will be released on July 13th in Japan (Bellwood Records) and will be released a few month later in States and Europe.
Biography: Norihiko Hibino

  • composer, sax player
  • graduate of Osaka University (’96), winner of “best soloist” on 25th Yamano big band jazz festival and 1st Tenpozan big band competition.
  • graduate of Berklee college of music (’97), jazz composition major. Studied under George Garzone, Bill Pearce, Greg Hopkins, etc. Also studied film scoring and synthesizer programming.
  • as a sax player, numerous appearances of jazz festival, TV & radio shows, including Kansas city international jazz festival, and NHK (public broadcast) session 505.
  • as a composer, numerous works for video games and multimedia, including Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 (14 million units are sold worldwide), Anubis, Yu-gi-oh (worldwide famous cartoon character). Specialized skills of creating underscore for surround (5.1) environment.
  • president of music production company, Gem Impact Inc., creating music for film, TV, video game, and record company.

Information & Sound Sample:

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