The uncritical interview with teenage “miracle worker”

This is a ridiculously uncritical interview with the x-ray eye kid, who took credit for “curing” Ronnie Hawkins of pancreatic cancer.
I expected something better from the Toronto Star. – The teenage miracle worker
Adam seemed able to read the patterns and see the interconnections. By contrast, a doctor I had consulted diagnosed it as a (harmless) ganglionic cyst and gave me a choice between having it surgically removed and waiting to see if it disappeared.
He was helpful but never seemed to consider the body as an organic whole, or question how the lump formed in the first place ? the kind of approach that gets people like me curious about alternative medicine.
When I first showed Adam my wrist, I was asking him about the self-healing techniques he teaches.
How does the mind help heal the body, I wanted to know? What is this life force, this qi energy, that Eastern philosophers speak of? And why, with all of Western medicine’s pharmaceuticals, advanced surgical procedures and technological diagnostics, do theories of energy and interconnectedness sound so intuitively worth pursuing?

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