All That Glitters Isn’t Good

Here’s something you don’t see on Quackwatch every day: an article about a quack getting sent to prison for 43 years. Granted, he was convicted for plotting to kill a federal judge, a prosecutor and an IRS agent who were involved in a tax case against him (in the interest of fairness, here’s his side of the story) but it’s worth noting that these tax cases arose from all the money he was raking in from his water-nutritional supplement business, so apparently this guy was a stranger to honest behavior.
The plot to kill government officials is certainly troubling, but me being me I found myself more interested in what WaterOz was selling. Although I have only a small fraction of the chemistry knowledge this guy has, water quackery is one of my favorite areas of medical misinformation, mainly because it’s such a broad area ranging from alkaline absurdities to cluster crap to Masura Emoto’s crazy pictures. Personally I’m a big fan of the wet stuff; I don’t believe in the eight glasses a day rule, but I still try to stay hydrated with all the H2O I feel I need.
Saint Nate’s Blog: All That Glitters Isn’t Good

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