Assassination a US fixation

So Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, thinks the United States should assassinate Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president.
Let’s see. What are the options? The 30-year-old Senate reports of a body known as the Church committee give some options.
How about a vial of poison, as ordered up for a proposed US assassination in 1960 of Congolese prime minister Patrice Lumumba. Or perhaps supply some weaponry to a local hit squad, as Washington did for those who bumped off Dominican leader Rafael Trujillo.
And let us not overlook Fidel. Oh Fidel, that tough Castro case in Cuba. Through the 1960s, there were eight – count ’em, eight – separate US plots to kill him. Methods included a mob hit, poisoned cigars, an exploding seashell and a skin diving suit contaminated with deadly fungi, not to mention various rifles and explosives in the hands of Castro-hating Cuban exiles.
Yet Castro remains with us – which may prove the point that geopolitical hits are folly or, at least, never easy.
The Standard – Assassination a US fixation – Focus Section

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