Coyne and Mooney on “intelligent design”

Appearing shortly after President Bush’s August 1, 2005, remarks that seemed to endorse the teaching of “intelligent design” in the public schools, a pair of important recent articles — Chris Mooney’s “Inferior design” in the September 2005 issue of The American Prospect and Jerry Coyne’s extensive “The faith that dare not speak its name” in the August 22, 2005, issue of The New Republic — offer different but complementary examinations of “intelligent design” creationism. Both articles emphasize important, but comparatively obscure and underreported, facets of the history of the “intelligent design” movement, with Mooney revealing a perhaps surprising ideological transformation in the careers of the founders of the Discovery Institute and with Coyne providing a biologist’s informed evaluation of Davis and Kenyon’s Of Pandas and People, the canonical textbook of the “intelligent design” movement.
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