Intelligent Design pushed by anti-science exremists

Of course evolution is a theory. Scientific theories are carefully built on hypothesis, testing, observation, and coming to a conclusion best fitting the facts. They also get reviewed by peers, many times over. Theories are explanations of facts, and it takes longer than a morning cup of coffee to produce one. Intelligent Design can’t be tested in the lab, so it’s not even a hypothesis.
Reportage by dueling quotes, however, means not having to sort out what they mean, or if they contradict. Ironically, the News provided a better insight into Intelligent Design in a pro-creationist column published in 2003. The religious overtones are very obvious.
Poor reporting makes it easy to see why folks might wonder whether an apple just might be a citrus fruit.
If the president really thinks Intelligent Design is science, however, he’s a buffoon. His own science adviser panned the idea earlier this year, and the president could get the world’s top scientific minds on the phone if he wanted a second opinion. The president’s word carries a lot of weight, and it’s reasonable to expect that he’d educate himself a little before throwing his weight behind an issue.
The Morning Sun