MUST SEE!: Dangers of chiropractic therapy

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Three films worth seeing:
The first film will come as a real shock to anyone who thinks chiropractic is safe. The chiropractic industry does all it can to hush this down, but dead patients do tell tales.
Do you want to see a chiropractic leader squirm while he attempts to distort and downplay the evidence against lethal chiropractic neck manipulations? His face just reeks of delusional (dare I say deceptive?) denial as he desperately attempts to avoid admitting the truth. Well, Hagan McQuaid, International Vice-President of the Chiropractic Association of Ireland does just that in this excellent expos�.
There are extensive interviews with key players, including injured patients, surviving family members, doctors, researchers, etc. It is well worth taking the time to see it in its entirety.
Confessions of a Quackbuster: MUST SEE!: Dangers of chiropractic therapy

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