Urban Legend: A co-worker urinated in the office coffee.

Status: True.
Origins: Everyone’s heard “friend-of-a-friend” stories about vengeful pizza guys masturbating onto your medium combination, sworn enemies pissing in each other’s beer and irate butchers whacking off into the ground round. We’ve long been fascinated by the idea of using bodily fluids in something ingestible as a means of revenge.
United States Postal Service workers in Akron, Ohio, suspected Thomas Shaheen, a 49-year-old USPS vehicle mechanic, of having poured urine into a break room coffee pot on at least two occasions in July 2005. Employees set up a video camera to catch him in the act, and on 5 August 2005 Shaheen was charged with two misdemeanor counts of adulteration of food or placing harmful objects in food and ordered to appear in Akron Municipal Court.
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