You can’t trust America’s TV news, says Clooney

Spike Lee and George Clooney used the Venice Film Festival to attack the once iconic areas of popular culture in America: Hollywood and television news.
Lee, the world’s foremost black director who made films such as She’s Gotta Have It and Malcolm X, said that cinema-goers were weary of the “same, formulaic, tired, tired, tired stuff”, such as sequels and remakes of television shows like The Dukes of Hazzard. He said: “If Hollywood continues to make films like these, the audiences will continue to dwindle.”
Clooney, who has just directed Good Night and Good Luck, which is about CBS television news in the 1950s, said he grew up with three network broadcasts, all professional operations that allowed him to judge what was going on in politics and in Vietnam.
Now, with the onset of cable television and “130 different channels”, the quality of news was “fractured”, with each network, like Fox, playing to audiences with “specific belief patterns”. Viewers had to switch channels continually to discover what was going on in the world.
Telegraph | News | You can’t trust America’s TV news, says Clooney

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