Urban Legend: Willy Gilligan?

Nearly everyone who has ever watched television is the western world is at least passingly familiar with Gilligan’s Island. The series about seven castaways on an uncharted island ran on CBS for three years in the mid-1960s and has since become one of the most popular syndicated shows of all time and a mainstay of American popular culture. We revel in dissecting the show’s minutiae, pondering such questions as “Why did the Howells bring suitcases full of money on a three-hour tour?” and “How come
Gilligan wears the same clothes every day, but they never get dirty or torn?” The subject of one of the more enduring trivia questions over the years has been “What was Gilligan’s full name?” Was ‘Gilligan’ his first name or his last name? And what was his full name?
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