Halloween Urban Legends from Snopes

  • A collection of 2005 Halloween-related news stories.
  • A suicide by hanging is mistaken for a Halloween decoration.
  • Accidental Halloween hangings.
  • Pins, needles, and razor blades in Halloween treats.
  • Psychic predicts a Halloween murder on a college campus.
  • Children are victims of random Halloween candy poisonings.
  • Halloween party-goer is confused by spouse’s costume switch.
  • Town’s haunted house attraction is so scary that no one has ever completed a tour of it.
  • Black cats are routinely sacrificed by “satanic cults” at Halloween.
  • Top Ten list offers reason why Halloween is better than sex.
  • Chainsaw-wielding ‘madman’ turns out to be a partygoer who arrived at the wrong house.
  • The legend of Bloody Mary.
  • Other horror legends.

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