Weird Web Statistics

I was looking through my web statistics this morning (just for fun, you see), and I came upon the search engine list. I often like to check this out just to see what strange combination of words brought people to my site. Today’s list contained a summary for the whole month, so I thought it might be fun to compile the list and show it off. I know that by doing this, I am actually altering the text of my website, and potentially changing the outcome of any future search engine visit statistics, but hey.
To be honest, I’m left wondering about some of these results. I mean, while I remember a post on “Neo Citron,” I’m pretty sure I never discussed “chastitiy keyholding”(sic) at any point, although now I’m probably going to get a lot more visits for this, simply because I used the words “chastitiy keyholding”(sic) just now. It’s a vicious cycle, no?
Here’s what people searched for this month, in order of frequency:

  1. tantra chair
  2. how to make a halloween costume
  3. baby helmets
  4. habbo cheats
  5. Stuart Ross jetpack
  6. punishment
  7. superhero halloween party
  8. kaufman lofts
  9. super nintendo chalmers
  10. sexy wife
  11. radio stevie wonder shoutcast
  12. lex luthor
  13. corporal punishment
  14. perry fellowship
  15. poison ivy costumes
  16. Tantra chair
  17. sex maids, durham
  18. hurricane article
  19. thudguard
  20. speedstream 5260 firmware
  21. sharia law ontario
  22. chastity keyholding
  23. Gregory Despres pictures
  24. jay and silent bob
  25. Billy Scotts
  26. scary halloween
  28. roxanne\’s waterloo
  29. neo citron

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