Evolutionists Are Wrong (with respect to copyright law)!

Where are the copyright liberals when right-wing conservatives need us?
Last week, the National Academy of Sciences, or NAS, joined with the National Science Teachers Association, or NSTA, to tell the Kansas State Board of Education that it would not grant the state copyright permission to incorporate its science education standards manuals into the state’s public school science curriculum because Kansas plans to teach students that “intelligent design” is a viable alternative theory to evolution. Kansas is scrambling to rewrite its proposal to win over the NAS and NSTA.

Yet it concerns me that the NAS and NSTA are using their copyrights to bring wayward Kansas educators into line.
In the United States, intellectual property, or IP, law ensures that creators and inventors will get paid for their work, while doctrines like fair use and time-limited rights leave enough breathing room for the next innovator to use existing creations to comment, critique or make something new. But we have increasingly seen owners leverage their IP rights to get control rather than to get paid.
Wired News: Evolutionists Are Wrong!