An Open Letter to Aussie Hip-Hop Band, Hilltop Hoods

Iâ..m a big fan of lots of aussie hip-hop, and was genuinely excited about the release of the new/first Hilltop Hoods DVD at the beginning of last week. I finally received my copy on Monday (perhaps Obese â..shipsâ.. by camel nowadays?), and can confirm that – generally speaking – it rocks the comb-over in a mighty way. I say â..generally speakingâ.., because these comments in Chapter 13 (Digital Music) deeply concern me:
Suffa: â..At the end of the day, Independent artists do this for a living, and youâ stealing from them. And youâ not a fan of an artist you steal from. It is stealing from them. You might as well go into their house, and fucking walk out with their couch.â.
Debris: â..Thatâ..s unfortunately a growing trend, but weâ working to combat it with the next album.â.**
Iâ..m not sure what you mean by â..working to combat itâ. Debris, but Iâ..m really hoping that youâ referring to an added-value approach (e.g., including multimedia content on the CD; offering access to online content etc.), rather than one relying on rights-restriction crippleware. – Blog Archive – An Open Letter to the Hilltop Hoods

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