British Voodoo Vets

The mythical Voodoo curse is based on the principle of sympathetic magic: the metaphysical belief that like affects like. It is sympathetic because if you stick a pin in the voodoo dollâ..s leg, the person you are cursing is supposed to feel a pain in their leg. It is magic because there is no known reason to suppose this would ever work.
It is the same with homeopathy: its proponents treat an illness with something that they say would give a healthy person the same symptoms as the illness they purport to treat. Again, there is no reason to suppose this is true; it was just made-up by homeopathyâ..s founder, Samuel Hahnemann. And homeopaths go on to dilute this â..medicineâ. until there is not even one molecule left on the basis that this makes it stronger.
Although homeopathy has been shown by all well designed studies to be nothing more than placebo, it continues to be popular for the same reasons that many altie remedies appear to work. But not only with people: there are homeopathic veterinarians too. The thing to remember is that unlike human medicine, the law states that only qualified vets are allowed to treat animals. This is because animals can’t choose for themselves. Therefore while the law leaves people free to go to unqualified quacks if they like, they can’t do that with their animals.
Skeptico: The British Veterinary Voodoo Society

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