Enter the Fujitsu Stylistic 1000s

In a bout of thoughtless haste, my co-worker and I ordered some Fujitsu Stylistic 1000s off eBay. I mentioned that they were in this O’Reilly book as a prime example of hardware repeater starting kits. These devices are 486 DX100 with 16MB RAM and no hard drive, but they’ve got 3 PCMCIA slots, and can boot off compact flash or a PCMCIA hard drive. They can run Windows95 and Linux, and apparently make great low-power-consumption WiFi repeaters, if you put 2 PCMCIA WiFi cards in them.
So my co-worker looks on eBay, and finds 3 for under $30US — or something like $8 each. So we ordered them. I told my boss that we might use them in an in-house experiment, using them as actual WiFi sources in the building, and since we have a mandate to get WiFi up and running here, that it’s a good buy.
Now I may have a 2kg paperweight coming to me. We’ll see.