Vegans are terrorists, apparently.

â..The FBI should use its resources to investigate credible threats to national security instead of spending time tracking Americans who criticize government policy, or monitoring groups that have not broken the law,â. said Ann Beeson, Associate Legal Director of the ACLU. â..Labeling law abiding groups and their members â..domestic terroristsâ.. is not only irresponsible, it has a chilling effect on the vibrant tradition of political dissent in this country.â.
The documents were obtained by the ACLU after the organization filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to discover whether the FBIâ..s partnerships with local law enforcement in Joint Terrorism Task Forces has resulted in increased surveillance of political and religious activity.
Among the documents released today were more than 100 pages of FBI files on PETA. Multiple documents indicate ongoing surveillance of PETA-related meetings and activities, including a â..Vegan Community Projectâ. event at the University of Indiana during which the group distributed vegetarian starter kits to students and faculty, an animal rights conference in Washington, DC that was open to the public, and a planned protest of Cindy Crawfordâ..s decision to become a llama fur spokesperson.
American Civil Liberties Union : New Documents Show FBI Targeting Environmental and Animal Rights Groups Activities as â..Domestic Terrorismâ..

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