Conservatives win minority government

The Conservatives were elected in 124 ridings, the Liberals were elected in 102 (leading in one other), the Bloc was elected in 51 and the NDP was elected in 29. One Independent was elected, in Quebec.
“There will be another chance and there will be another time,” Martin told a roomful of supporters in Montreal. He said he called Harper to congratulate him.
The Conservatives picked up more than 36 per cent of the popular vote, an increase of seven per cent from 2004. This compared to the Liberals with 30 per cent and the NDP with 17.5 per cent.
The NDP made major gains nationally, up 10 seats from the 2004 vote.
NDP Leader Jack Layton said that while Canadians voted for Harper to form a minority government, “they asked New Democrats to balance that government.”
Layton was flanked by his wife, New Democrat Olivia Chow, who won her Toronto riding.
The Tories made significant gains in Ontario and Quebec, winning in least two dozen seats.
In Quebec, where they were shut out in 2004, the Tories made major inroads, getting elected in 10 ridings.
CBC News: Conservatives celebrate minority government victory