Death Prompts Manhole Cover Theft Outcry

For years, people in Colombia’s capital stood by as thieves hauled off manhole covers to sell as scrap. Drivers simply tried to swerve around the gaping holes where the 110-pound, cast-iron lids used to be.
Even after a record 10,000 were stolen in 2005, Bogotanos mainly just laughed about the missing covers, which they viewed as a minor irritation compared with the terrorism and other violence associated with drug trafficking and leftist guerrillas in this South American nation.
But the apathy was swept away Christmas Day. That’s when a 6-year-old boy playing near grandmother’s house fell into a coverless manhole. He banged his head on the iron rim as he fell in and then drowned in the sewage.
Death Prompts Manhole Cover Theft Outcry – Yahoo! News