Study: Global warming killing frog species

Rising temperatures are responsible for pushing dozens of frog species to extinction in the past three decades, according to new findings being reported today by a team of Latin American and U.S. scientists.
The study, published in the journal Nature, provides concrete evidence that climate change has already contributed to wiping out species and could spur more extinctions and the spread of disease worldwide. It also helps solve the mystery of why amphibians across the globe have been vanishing from their usual habitats over the past quarter-century: As many as 112 species have disappeared since 1980.
Scientists have speculated that rising temperatures and changing weather patterns could endanger the survival of many species, but the new study documents for the first time a direct correlation between global warming and the disappearance of roughly 65 amphibian species in Central and South America.
The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Study: Global warming killing frog species

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