Who is Harper, besides the next PM?

Mr Harper, 46, an economist, has been careful not to threaten too much change. But most who have watched him during 20 years in politics say he is far from the typical Canadian consensus-seeking mould that has typified leaders of both left and right for decades.
According to his biographer, William Johnson, the country has never had a leader like him in the 139 years since Britain handed over power. The biography describes him as a brilliant conviction politician who admired the no-nonsense styles of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.
An introverted policy pedant, he distrusts the Canadian political elite and has a taste for necessary but unpopular policies. Many Canadians, including some on his own side, say this mix will make the sparks fly if he becomes prime minister.
Unlike almost all recent prime ministers, he did not originate in the Francophone heartland of Quebec. A fluent French-speaker who has promised to leave Quebec’s controversial language laws alone, he is unashamedly English by culture, temperament and origin.
In the lead-up to war in Iraq, Mr Harper gave voice to the minority who were uneasy that Canada’s old allies in America, Britain and Australia were about to engage in a conflict without Canadian units at their side.
On the day war broke out, he berated Canada’s Government for its “insecure anti-Americanism”. He no longer insists on sending troops to Iraq but few doubt that when he spoke to the House of Commons, MPs saw into the heart of the real Stephen Harper.
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