New Montreal FilmFest folds

The New Montreal FilmFest will not be returning after a disastrous inaugural year, the festivalâ..s organizer announced.
Cultural events company Spectra, which also runs the cityâ..s popular jazz festival, sent out a news release late Friday pronouncing dead the festival that debuted in October 2005.
â..Considering the 2005 experience, we want to avoid at all costs that Montreal once again projects an incoherent image on the international scene with several concurrent festivals,â. said Spectra head Alain Simard, acknowledging the effects of competition with two other film festivals in the city.
Spectra officials had sought to merge with a rival festival, the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, which turned down the offer. The 35-year-old Festival du Nouveau Cinema is smaller but highly regarded. Its executive director, Bruno Jobin, has continually dismissed attempts by FilmFest to amalgamate, saying heâ..s never been in negotiations with Spectra.
CBC Arts: New Montreal FilmFest folds