America ‘has failed to learn from Abu Ghraib’

America was today accused of failing to learn the lessons of Abu Ghraib by continuing to hold thousands of Iraqi detainees in conditions that breached their human rights.
Amnesty International, the London-based rights watchdog, criticised coalition forces and the Iraqi Government for holding security suspects for months without trial and allowing them to be routinely abused.
The group said around 14,000 people are currently imprisoned in American and British-run jails under rules that do not afford detainees access to the courts or, in some cases, to the details of the charges against them.
The report alleged that the disregard for due legal process in prisons run by coalition forces had also contributed to a culture of violence and torture in Iraqi-run facilities. In November last year, American soldiers discovered an underground jail in Baghdad run by the Iraqi Interior Ministry that contained more than 100 malnourished and abused suspects.
Amnesty said that detainees held in Iraqi jails are routinely beaten with heavy electrical cables and have their fingernails pulled off.
America ‘has failed to learn from Abu Ghraib’ – World – Times Online

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