Review: Vitaly
This guy’s got a nice sound. Very produced, very polished. Very “New Agey”. Sort of an electronic soundscape genre with some 80’s synth effects in with a melodic electric piano melody. It’s something that you’d expect to hear in a the sad part of a 1989 relationship movie soundtrack. Or perhaps a “couples” porn film. The particular track I’m referring to is one entitled “Far Voice”, and is available in his electronic marketing package. It’s hardly energetic, but more of a soothing, atmospheric rhythm which would make you drive off the road if you played it in your car.
I’d be interested in hearing more from Vitaly, especially if he can move into something with more of a beat. This sound could be easily translated to some progressive trance or chillout themes.
I particularly like that he offers mp3s on his website. They’re fragments, sure, but at least they’re not streaming Real media files. I would have preferred to see full mp3 files (with a minimum 128k quality), but … well what can you do?
Here’s a little something from his bio:
     “After high school Vitaly studied at Tomsk University of Automated Control Systems and Radio Electronics (Russia). There he started discovering the mysteries of audio production through establishing a small studio and recording his friends.
     “Having graduated from university Vitaly began working for a company producing musical gear. It was a great chance to materialize his ideas into the design of studio equipment. However he soon realised that while he had love of technology it limited his true passion for developing experimental music. He started spending all his spare time in a studio. After two years he left the company and dedicated himself completely to making music. As a result in 1994 Vitaly formed his second band which soon released a synth-pop album.
     “In 1995, Vitaly moved to Uzbekistan in Central Asia. Here, he came across a delightful world of folk music. Merging synths with folk singing he created an exciting new musical style. Not surprisingly, his unique sounds combination soon attracted the attention of the biggest local label Tarona. Over the next four years Vitaly established himself as a highly innovative composer/producer of ethno and world music. He won ‘Best Song of the Year’ award in 2000 and ‘Best Composer of the Year’ in 2001. This period of time also provided him with invaluable song writing experience.
     “In 2002, Vitaly emigrated to New Zealand. Eclectic by nature, he has never restricted himself by listening one music style being interested in everything from classical to hard rock. Consequently fate was to provide a big surprise, again! This time the genre was hip-hop. Inspired by acts as Alphrisk, Savage and Mareko, Vitaly has since produced some original works which combine the best elements of dark ambient and hip-hop. Collaboration with one of New Zealand’s finest DJs (DJ CXL) has led to the birth of a new direction in electronic instrumental genre.”

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