Sarah Silverman: World’s hottest, most controversial comedian

‘I was raped by a doctor… Which is so bittersweet for a Jewish girl.’
Her default persona is goofy Jewish American Princess. It makes the material all the more shocking: no one so dopey-cute and girl-next-door has ever been so nasty. She does Holocaust jokes, Martin Luther King jokes, Aids jokes and lots on Jewish girls and sex – chiefly anal sex and abortion. If she has a staple comedic form, it’s obscenity delivered with a cosy flirtatiousness. ‘Last night I was licking jelly off my boyfriend’s penis’ – big kooky smile – ‘and all of a sudden I thought – Oh my God! I’m turning into my mother!’
Her first broadcast gag was about the US legislation imposing a 24-hour cooling-off period after someone seeks to terminate a pregnancy. ‘I think it’s a good law,’ she said. ‘The other day I really, really wanted to get an abortion. I totally did. But then I thought about it and it turned out I was just thirsty…’
The Observer | Woman | If women aren’t funny, how come the world’s hottest, most controversial comedian is female?

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