Nuke-u-lar case-mod

Cool case…
wmd_case_mod.jpg | WMD Part II by G-gnome

Being an occasional modder, various real-life events had taken me away from the project, and modding generally, until December last year, when I was asked to bring a mod along to the Atomic-Live event in Sydney, Australia. The event was a smashing success and a whole bunch of Aussies got to see a very different WMD. Since then, I’ve moved to a farm and changed careers, so only lately have I been able to write up the rest of the project. With over 1000 photographs edited down to a final 500 or so, I’ve managed to cover about 80% of the work done since Part I. Regrettably, a few CDs of photos went missing after moving house, so some things can’t be covered here or only have a few photographs.
I hope people find this project log as interesting as it has been for me to build the case. To those who have read and enjoyed Part I – and have so patiently waited a long time for more – I dedicate this article to you. May the old adage, ‘better late than never’ ring true in this instance! Anyway, here is what it looks like now….

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