Benny Hinn is evidence that there is no God

Heh. I’m not even going to give Hinn the benefit of being under my “religion” category.
Benny Hinn Ministries
Benny Hinn is evidence that there is no God. For those who have been lucky enough to avoid this creature and don’t know who he is, Hinn is a faith healer who pretends to cure people by calling on help from Jesus. He goes through the same old, tired ritual that all of these charlatans seem to use – calling up people from the audience, describing their terrible ailments, pushing them over into the arms of his accomplices, bellowing “Hallelujah!”, and, of course, passing the plate around. The reason that I say that this is evidence that God does not exist is that any decent God would strike Hinn into a smouldering pile of slimy ashes for blasphemy, lying, and stealing money from desperate people.

A team of observers from the RatbagsDotCom Empire and the Australian Skeptics went along to see the magical Benny but, alas, we got there too late and were left standing outside with the many hundreds of other people who had also not bothered to start queuing ten hours before the show started. Buses emblazoned with the names of Christian congregations from various parts of Sydney arrived, only to have the occupants be told that they could hit the freeway again because there was no room for them. People in wheelchairs moved through the crowd, and people stared at closed doors and security guards. There was a pall of disappointment that was almost palpable. Inside, the buckets were passed around to collect the tax-free cash.