Coulter mangles Dover case

Ooooh, a “vile life-support system for a mane of blonde hair”.
The York Daily Record – Coulter mangles Dover case
There is an irony buried deep under the vitriol, idiocy, slander, vileness, ignorance, stupidity and simply breathtaking inanity that passes for the contribution to the public discourse of an alleged carbon-based life-form that goes by the name of Ann Coulter.
Of course, you’ve heard about this vile life-support system for a mane of blonde hair. She’s been all over the media, spreading her poison, the vaguely human counterpart of a Gila monster, except with colder blood. It’s amusing that one of her complaints about what she calls the liberal media establishment is that it gives short-shrift to morons like herself who seek airtime to inflict a toxic stew of idiocies masquerading as ideas upon an unsuspecting public.
Her latest missive – I won’t name it because it doesn’t need the publicity – is yet another of her fact-free exercises in what comedian Stephen Colbert calls truthiness, which is essentially cattle excrement that tries to pass itself off as truth.
She’s received a lot of airtime to discuss her idiotic remarks about the women who were widowed in the Sept. 11 attacks. I’m guessing she’s mostly jealous of these women because they have demonstrated the ability to have a relationship with a man that didn’t end with them killing and eating him.

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