The Twelve Biggest Secrets of Alcoholics Anonymous

It’s no big surprise that 12-step programs don’t work, and I’ve heard about the culty behaviour of AA, but this is still a pretty interesting read.
A.A. Secrets
The A.A. founder Bill Wilson declared that alcoholism is a “spiritual disease” that is caused by:

  1. sins,
  2. moral shortcomings,
  3. wrongs,
  4. defects of character,
  5. resentments,
  6. instincts run wild,
  7. character defects, representing instincts gone astray,
  8. self,
  9. self-will run riot,
  10. desires that have far exceeded their intended purpose,
  11. The Seven Deadly Sins
  12. a willful and irresponsible ego,
  13. failure to practice religious precepts properly,
  14. failure to practice Step Five properly,
  15. selfishness,
  16. self-seeking,
  17. self-centeredness,
  18. more selfishness
  19. defective relations,
  20. nagging wives,
  21. nagging wives again, “throwing her husband into a fit of anger”
  22. serious character flaws,
  23. faith that isn’t accompanied by “self-sacrifice and unselfish, constructive action”,
  24. personal secrets that we have not confessed,
  25. inherited genes or inherited sins, and
  26. conditions that we couldn’t correct to our entire satisfaction,
  27. another unconfessed personal secret…

Notice that drinking alcohol is not on that list.